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Testing Guide

We elaborate on the right approach to testing the integration between your app & the AppVirality SDK.

While much of the Testing Guide is truly written with focus on guiding you, you should make note that covering all use cases is virtually impossible.

Please take your time to read through the entire Testing Guide.
It should answer all your questions.
Do follow-through your reading to the FAQs, after you are done with the Testing Guide.

If you do not get an answer to any of your questions, reach out to us.

Testing: Modus Operandi

  • Device A i.e. the Referrer shares the app to Device B i.e. Friend via email/social channel
  • Device B takes action and clicks on the shared link
  • The click redirects to the test app’s download page on Play/App Store (or as is maintained in the settings for the app)
  • App is installed from the Device B local drive or SD card, and not from Play/App Store (since final app is not live yet)
  • Attribution is checked upon, and observations recorded for inference with expected results
  • Uninstall app from Device B, and Reset the same – so as to reuse same device for a new test run

We’ve broken down the Guide as under:


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