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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program when used as a growth hack program, can be used to ensure that your existing potential customers don’t leave you.

It is a rewards program under which you can give some reward to the customers who frequently make purchases. This could lead to strengthening the brand loyalty.

You can offer points, coupons, cash back, discounts, or any other reward as the loyalty incentives to your customers.


  • Before starting to implement the Loyalty Program, ensure that you have integrated the AppVirality SDK, till Step 4 – Initializing the AppVirality SDK,  as mentioned in the Integration Steps
  • Ensure that your have used the AppVirality SDK 2.0 for integration. Loyalty growth hack is not available in older versions.
  • You have created a Loyalty Program campaign using the AppVirality Dashboard and have configured the reward rules for the same.

Its very simple to implement a Loyalty Program growth hack in your app.

Ensure that you have configured a Loyalty Campaign in your Dashboard foremost.

Set up the below mentioned code block as the trigger, to inform AppVirality of your intent to reward a particular user. This is simply a conversion Event with the Growth Hack type being “Loyalty_Program“.

Use the following code for the same:

import com.appvirality.AppVirality;

appVirality.saveConversionEvent(event, transactionValue, transactionUnit, campaignId, Constants.GrowthHackType.Loyalty_Program, new AppVirality.ConversionEventListener() {
    public void onResponse(boolean isSuccess, String message, String errorMsg) {
        // isSuccess would be true if user got any reward for the event


Whenever you identify a loyal customer and would like to reward him/her under any of your active Loyalty Program campaign, the above code block shall execute upon the reward rules configured by you on the AppVirality Dashboard.
Rewarding a customer under any active Loyalty Program campaign needs the reward event to be recorded.

Hence, it is recommended you set up a process to select/identify users who seem to be loyal, i.e. make purchases regularly, etc. and mark them up with an identifier, say a Boolean user property Loyal.

That way upon each conversion event, you can execute above code block only when Loyal is TRUE. Thus you will ensure that only your loyal customers are being rewarded and not everyone.

Remember, exclusivity is an extremely powerful motivator for most consumers.

So by keeping the Loyalty Program available to only a selective set of users, you would maximize on this growth hack’s impact


Additionally, you will need to set up a dedicated campaign for Loyalty program in your AppVirality Dashboard. Your campaign rules will dictate the rewards for your Loyal users.

Navigate to: Dashboard >> Create Campaign >> Loyalty Program >> Set up your campaign here

Loyalty Campaign
Loyalty Campaign
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