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Use this api to trigger the outreach email in In-app referrals.

You have to send userkey or emailId or UserIdInstore in the api request to trigger outreach email.

Base URL  https://api.appvirality.com

 POST         /v2_0/invokeoutreach

Content-Type application/json

Input i.e. Request

"userkey": "176502556c624614b913a62400ab4d7e",
Input Params
Input Params Description
apikey API Key of the App
Get it from Dashboard >> App Details
privatekey Private key for API requests
Get it from: Dashboard >> App Details >> Click App Settings >> Scroll down to Advanced Settings
User Key for the App user – a unique identifier for every App User recorded
Email of the user
ID of the user in your App (helps to identify users on dashboard as you do in your app)
Name of the App user (is required to personalize the referral messages)
If the name consists of special characters, then send the content in URI encoded format.
User profile picture URL (required to personalize the referral messages)
City of the User Location
State of the User Location
Country of the User Location
User phone number (Digits only)


    "success": true,
    "statuscode": 1,
    "message": "Success"
Response Params
Output Params Description
success returns true on successful update
message Information regarding API call (if relevant)
status code code based on status of the API call


Note: Once email was sent to an user through outreach, you won’t be able to trigger api for the same user in the next 90 days.

After 90 days you can trigger api for the same user so that email will be sent to that particular user

Status codes which you will see while using Invokeoutreach API

Status codes and description for API responses
Status Code Description
1 Success
2 Invalid User Key
5 Invalid StoreID or EmailID
62 Outreach is not configured
63 User doesn't meet Outreach Throttle criteria.
64 Couldn't schedule Outreach Notification
66 No push device token for user
72 No email for user
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