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Logs: Notifications

Manage and troubleshoot all the notifications fired from AppVirality – all in one place

Now you have the configurations for all the campaigns in place and all is hunky dory. Well is it? You realize some of your users did not receive Mail Notifications for some of their conversions.
Wouldn’t you like to amend that right away?

Logs is the place where you get a status quo on all the Notifications: whether they were successful, stuck, or how often had they been reattempted! 

  • From a single page you can access the logs for all three types of notifications: Mail, Push & Web hooks.
  • You can edit each notification & resend. Alternatively you can resend innately too.
  • You can search for a particular notification if you have the user’s email ID.
Note that data is accessible for only the past 30 days


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