Manage Team

Suppose if appowner want to give access to his team members for dashboard then appowner can add the team members in the    team tab .Navigation to team tab is, App Details–>App settings–>Team.



There are two roles that appowner can assign to users.

  •    Administrator
  •    Support

Appowner has to provide the user email for whom he wants to give access and select user role (administrator or support) and click on Add team member. user will be added with selected role.


Team users adding


An “Join the Team” email will be sent to the added user with an login button. If user clicks on login button then user will be navigated to appvirality login page where user can signup.

If user was provided with administrator access then user will be able to see all the tabs and do all the actions done by the appowner.

If user was provided with support access then user will have access to only two tabs ie, Analytics and logs tab.Support user cannot edit or delete anything from these two tabs, user can only see and search the analytics and logs.


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