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User Targeting

You can target a set of users, based on some selective parameters – and thereby engage them in your growth campaigns

AppVirality provides you with a killer feature that enables you to target specific pool of users based on their behavior, geography, etc.

The Campaign User Targeting allows you to target users specific to a location and some behavioral parameters, as shown.
Note that these targeting features are only Campaign level deep, and you can have multiple campaign only when you have different parameters set up for each campaign, in the user targeting feature.

You may target to show the Growth Hack to users in Kolkata, India region only.
Along with that you may have parameters tagged to behavior like:

  • Wait for 5 days before showing the Referral reminder pop-up
  • Wait for 10 app opens by the user, before showing the Referral reminder pop-up
  • Show the reminder every 2 days
  • Stop showing the Referral Intent after 15 occasions

Dashboard >> App Details >> Select Campaign >> Click More >> User Targeting

User Targeting
User Targeting


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