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Reset Test Device

Helps reset the test device added, to enable running new test cycles again using same device

Reset Test Device to clear Device Data

When you reset a device, the historical data created against that device on the analytics is de-attributed from the Device ID & is recorded with a placeholder email ID in its place.

Thus, after each reset, you device shall be treated as a fresh device – enabling you to run the test cycles without much fuss.


Full scale testing involves a plethora of test scenario. That requires us to run, re-run & again run similar scenarios with minor changes in data points or steps undertaken. In doing so we need the device parameters to be unaffected, hence it is most convenient to reuse the same device over and over again.

This API call shall reset the device for you when executed. Ideally this can also be done on the click of a button – this API is to facilitate any scope to automate much of the steps involved in large scale testing.

Base URL  https://api.appvirality.com

 POST         /v2_0/resettestdevice

Content-Type application/json

Input i.e. Request


The deviceid in this context shall relate to the Device ID shown in the Test Devices list, corresponding to your desired device.
Navigate to: Dashboard >> Testing and pick the device ID for your the device you want to reset.



  "success": true,
  "statuscode": 1,
  "message": success
Response Params
Output Params Description
success returns true on successful execution
status code code based on status of the API call
message Information regarding API call (if relevant)

Status codes which you will see while using Reset Test Device API

Status codes and description for API responses
Status Code Description
1 Success
8 Invalid Test DeviceID
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