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Testing Referrals

Testing your Referral Campaign is a critical step towards going live & publishing it on your app.

The steps discussed would only be able to help you set up and get started with the testing.
The onus to build specific use-cases and thereby conducting regressive testing to ensure all fail safe is met – remains upon you.



There are certain pre-testing steps that must be ensured before you proceed to the testing.
This is mainly biased towards the platform on which you are looking to test your referral upon i.e. Android, iOS or Web.

  • Ensure that you have assigned TRUE for the meta-data element com.appvirality.sdk.TestMode in your application manifest, as mentioned previously in the Integration Steps. Failing this would not render any of your efforts to test the new APK
  • Predownload your Test App or APK (with SDK) in your Test Devices, so that you can access them readily.
    Tip: Send it via an e-mail to both the devices, as you will have to install and uninstall frequently during the testing cycle
    Other options include, retaining the Test App APK in a local folder in your devices, keeping it handy in the cloud (Drive, Dropbox, etc.), etc.

Once you are done with the above steps, you should begin with your testing as directed in the Testing Guide. Follow the Steps carefully & make sure you read everything clearly before executing the steps.

Go to >>   Testing Guide 

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