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Add a Test Device

This call would help you add a test device to your account

Adding Test Device helps Device Re-usability

Generally you need a new device to re-run test cycles. Adding a device as a TestDevice basically allows you to use the same device again and again.

This ensures that no fraud checks are run on any number of test scenarios executed using the same test device. Thus, no rewards would be tagged as Suspicious or Fraud


The modus operandi for adding a testing device has been described previously. However, in some cases that procedure may fall flat – for example if your test device had a faulty accelerometer or when the SDK does not get acknowledgement from device of the shake activity.

This call would enable you to add the device, without having to shake it. Instead of shaking the device, you have to simply execute this API call with the desired test device’s Device ID.

How to get Device ID

Base URL  https://api.appvirality.com

 POST         /v2_0/addtestdevice

Content-Type application/json

Input i.e. Request


Above used parameters have been discussed already. Review previous documents for help.


  "success": true,
  "message": null
Response Params
Output Params Description
success returns true on successful execution
message Information regarding API call (if relevant)
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