Integration Steps

The SaaS Referral Program Guide outlines the functionality of AppVirality SaaS Web SDK , and helps in easy integration of the SDK into your web site or web App.

To use the Web SDK, you will need to first initialize the SDK with your AppVirality App Key. You can find your App Key in your AppVirality Dashboard. You will register the users by calling init() upon a user login and call logout when user clicks on logout.

Getting Started

Going forward, we shall be denoting the invitation or referral sender as ‘Referrer‘ and the receiver or beneficiary as ‘Friend‘. The integration is very straightforward. AppVirality Web SDK is an asynchronous library and uses global queue to process the asynchronous API calls.

Add the following JavaScript at the end of your <body> tag on every page in your application and initialize the SDK with logged-in user information.

(function(a,p,v,i,r,l,_,s,d,k){if(!a[i]||!a[i]._q){for(;s<_.length;)r(l,_[s++]);d=p.createElement(v);d.async=1;d.src="";k=p.getElementsByTagName(v)[0];k.parentNode.insertBefore(d,k);a[i]=l}})(window,document,"script","appvirality",function(a,p){a[p]=function(){a._q.push([p,arguments])}},{_q:[],_v:1},"init logout getTerms RI getCampaignData recordSocialAction getUserBalance getFriendsList applyCode validateCode widget getReferrerCode getReferrer".split(" "),0);
var appkey  = 'APPVIRALITY-KEY';
  		//initialize the SDK
                email: '',
                name: '',
                code: '',
                country: '',
                useraccountid: '',
                profileimage: '',
                phone: '',
                stripecustomerid: ''
            }, function (err, data) {

While initializing the SDK in an asynchoronous process with a callback method, please ensure to replace “APPVIRALITY-KEY” with your App key. Once you’ve registered with and added a new app, you should have an App Key

Init - Input Parameters
Init - Output Parameters

To launch the Referral widget as popup, add class name ‘av_refer_btn‘ to any button on your page.

    <button class="av_refer_btn">Launch Referrals</button>

SDK callback ‘getReferrerCode()’ can be used to pickup the referral code from a cookie. The callback method will return the referral code which can be used to auto refill the referral code during the Subscription/Signup. This call doesn’t require SDK initialization. This referral code will be used as a coupon code and could serve as a reward for the friend during the stripe subscription process.

            appvirality.getReferrerCode(appkey, function (err, data) {
                document.getElementById('refcode-input').value = data['referrercode']

SDK callback ‘getReferrer()’ can be used to get the referrer details. This callback is mainly useful to show a personalized landing page with referrer name and profile picture. It helps to personalize the on boarding flow of a new user and improve the conversion rate. This call doesn’t require any SDK initialization.

Appkey is mandatory enable this call. All other input parameters are optional. This callback automatically pics the referrer code from cookie and returns the referrer details.

If you make this call along with the referrer code as parameter, this will return the referrer details of the provided referral code. However, if you make this call with user email (or useraccountid) and no referrer code, callback will return the referrer details of the user email provided if available.

            appvirality.getReferrer(appkey,referrercode,useremail,useraccountid, function (err, data) {
getReferrer - Input Parameters
getReferrer - Output Parameters

When a user subscribes to a plan or completes a transaction successfully, you have to register the conversion event to generate the rewards. If you are using Stripe as the payment method, AppVirality handles the conversion events and you need not send the conversion events.

If you are using any other payment method, you have to register the conversion events from your backend server using AppVirality API’s. Use API ‘registerconversionevent‘ as described here :

This concludes the SDK integration for SaaS Referrals.

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