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Create / Edit : Campaign

All Things relevant to your Campaign creation and modification

Creating a Referral Campaign has never been easier than this.
See how we can get your campaign active in under 10 minutes.

Step 1: Reward Rules

From your Dashboard, you may either navigate to Create Campaign directly.
You may otherwise do the same from your App Details page: just choose to edit an existing campaign.

See how this screenshot of an existing campaign on the platform, depicts its all-inclusiveness.

Steps are simple & quite intuitive.

  • You name your campaign
  • Select the unit of incentive i.e. % Discount, $ Credit, Time Credit, etc. – as may be relevant for your campaign
  • Define the Reward Rules now
  • This campaign has 2 rules. Upon the referral, it rewards the Friend an incentive of 15 % Discount on his subscription when he signs up with the product. Additionally, it rewards the Referrer 10 % Discount on his subscription when the friend takes subscription. You can add any number of such rules.

Take a look on how you can create a new rule:

SaaS Add Rule

  • Click on Add Rule
  • Select the beneficiary: Friend or Referrer
  • Select the event type you want to schedule the reward upon: Conversion or any custom event you may have relevant for your app
  • Next just define the incentive amount & you are Done

As described above there could be multiple ways of defining rules for your campaign.

Once done adding the reward rules, click on Save & Continue to move to the next page for Configuring the reward distribution system.

Step 2: Configure Rewards

Follow these steps to configure rewards for Friend and Referrer.

Step 3: Widget Configuration

Widget is what will be shown to the users when they will choose to refer someone for your SaaS product, so here you can customize the campaign description, font sharing options and various other properties to style your sharing widget. Give the campaign title and description to be shown on the widget, select the social channels you want to be used for referring the product, select the Theme Color and Font as per your style requirements, in the end click on Edit Terms and Conditions to give terms and conditions for your campaign and save it.

SaaS Social

Once you are done with everything, simply click on the Preview button and see your campaign’s preview.

AppVirality supplies you with a pre-designed referral screen – all with social channels displayed.

You can edit the text, Theme color, font type and add a campaign image to modify this.

You are allowed to use common styles like Line Breaks (i.e. <br>) and Bold (i.e. <b> content </b>) tags in the Campaign Title & Campaign Description fields, for customizing the look of your content within.

Alternatively you can also change the entire look & feel of the referral screen. 

Once you are done, click on Save & Continue to move to the next page for getting the Installation Instructions.

Step 4: Installation Instructions

As the name suggests this page guides for integrating a referral program into your website or web app. It consists of only two steps, first one contains the JavaScript code for integrating referrals in your SaaS product, copy and include this code in your webpage, Second step is just a link to the Referral documentation which will guide you through the entire process of using referrals with your product. Additionally, you can send the install instructions to your developer using the Email my developer block on the top right of the page.

That’s it, you have successfully created your SaaS Referrals campaign.

Once you are done, get ready to Publish it from the App Details page.

But before you do that, spend some time in configuring your rewards pool for the campaign

NOTE: All changes you make will be dynamically previewed for you, alongside the fields

Take time to review the changes before you commit them

Close the window/panel when you are finished.

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