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Register Conversion Event

Registering or recording the completion of a Conversion Events – so as to allow the application of rules defined & generation of attribution analytics

Helps you record/register a Conversion Event

Every rule you define as a part of your campaign shall be tagged to a certain conversion event. This conversion event is actually the action taken by a user, which we have earmarked for incentivisation. These events need to be registered with AppVirality servers to enable full proof functionality.

While this is (and can) be done through the SDK, you may register conversion events over API calls i.e. from server side. You’ll need the Private Key & User Key for this call.

 Base URL

 POST         /saas/v1_0/registerconversionevent

Content-Type application/json

Input i.e. Request

    "apikey": "7ffdda00fd5c4338a9c1a44e00663648",
    "privatekey": "d1e881dc60fa4856be34a44f00d96c9a",
    "userkey": "588d87d8d9e89ac5d710caf68910ac5d",
    "email": "",
    "eventname": "Conversion",
    "transactionvalue": "2500",
    "extrainfo": "extra info to check",
Input Params
Input Params Description
apikey API Key of the Product
Get it from Dashboard >> App Details
privatekey Private key for API requests
Get it from: Dashboard >> App Details >> Click App Settings >> Advanced 
userkey User Key of the Product user, assigned by AppVirality – a unique identifier for every Product user recorded
Email of the user
ID of the user in your Account(helps to identify users on dashboard as you do in your product)
eventname Name/Type of the Conversion Event: Signup, Conversion or any custom defined event
Transaction amount
This value is must in case the reward is based on Transaction Amount
Custom Info which is stored across the event and will be provided back in web hook.
It is generally used to save transaction information which can be used to cross check later while rewarding. If the content has any special characters use Encoded URI format
customid Unique Integer for an Event to avoid duplicate rewards upon retry
(Eg: Unix Timestamp 1453300397)
Unique ID of a campaign, generated by AppVirality
growthHack Type of Growth Hack
values: SaaS_Referrals


Response Params
Output Params Description
success returns true on successful conversion
(i.e. Referrer/Friend gets rewarded)
message Information regarding API call (if relevant)
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