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Check Reward Status

Allows you to keep a check on the status of each reward tagged to any user at any point in time

Check upon status of any Reward

This API call allows you to check upon the status of any reward at any time.

Use Case

 Base URL

 POST         /saas/v1_0/checkrewardstatus

Content-Type application/json

Input i.e. Request

Input Params
Input Params Description
apikey API Key of the Product
Get it from Dashboard >> App Details
privatekey Private key for API requests
Get it from: Dashboard >> App Details >> Click App Settings >> Advanced 
rewarddtlid Reward Detail ID


"comment":"Friend has No Email / Invalid Hardware ID",
"message": null
Response Params
Output Params Description
success Call Success Response (true/false)
rewarddtlid Reward Detail ID
rewardstatus Reward status could be any one of these:
Approved || Rejected || Suspicious || UnderReview || Rewarded
comment Information regarding the status change if any
message Information regarding API call (if relevant)
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