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Validate Referrer Code

This API call will help you to validate the user’s referrer code


 Base URL

 POST         /saas/v1_0/validatereferrercode

Content-Type application/json

Input i.e. Request

Input Params
Input Params Description
apikey API Key of the Product
Get it from Dashboard >> App Details
privatekey Private key for API requests
Get it from: Dashboard >> App Details >> Click App Settings >> Advanced 
userkey User Key of the Product user, assigned by AppVirality – a unique identifier for every Product user recorded
Email of the user
ID of the user in your Account(helps to identify users on dashboard as you do in your product)
referrercode Referrer's Referral Code: user will be attributed to his friend(one who invited) when on providing his referral code


  "success": true,
  "message": ""
Response Params
Output Params Description
success (Boolean) true – Valid referrer code, false – Invalid referrer code
message Information regarding API call (if relevant).
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